Typical Student

I think there should be a good balance between being a good student and being able to enjoy your high school life – Vanessa Lachey

I’m the kind of student that as long as I’m not failed in class its alright and I’m not dreaming to be one of list of top student in our class, that’s  what on my mind now that I’m already grade 11 and senior high student.

But before I’m dreaming big specially when I’m at grade 6. I want to be a top student in my class and I achieve it because the topics is not that hard and I know to my self I can achieve to be a top 1 in our class  it also because of my classmates before is not that serious in our classes and gladly I achieve in the help of my family and my hard work .

This is my grade 6 graduation

In my junior high school life I’m just happy go lucky then because  I think I already prove my self because I graduate with achievement . So in my junior high I try something like that having a boyfriend, cutting classes and also arrived home in the middle of the night. I want to share my unforgettable experience actually that is my last gala that I’m arrived home late . I’m grade 8 then and that its December so there are lots of place that we want to go and in our schedule our time off in class was 8:00 in the evening. My friends want to go to the Perya. Perya is like a small amusement park so we go there and we decided to go home when its 9:30 in the evening and we don’t have a car or service so we commute and my place is farther that to my friends so  the I’m the only one at the jeep the vehicle that we used and when I’m going down at the jeep the driver didn’t stop the jeep so I’m panic and shouting at the jeep . The driver finally stop the jeep maybe because he notice that the I’m getting other attention especially the car next to us. That my one of the most unforgettable moment actually I have a lot of unforgettable moment way back in my junior high like I’m just enjoying the junior high school but I graduate, moving up rather with honor and I’m not expecting that.

My junior high moving up ceremony

Now that I’m senior high school student I want to balance my school and having fun to have a memorable and enjoyable life in my new school, my new friend and new environment.

My new family 👪